Built on an advanced software architecture, the unique core technology in the AWR Design Environment is a modern object-oriented data model that is inherently open and flexible compared to legacy design tools. The AWR Design Environment elevates the product development process by allowing the entire engineering team to effortlessly integrate Analog Office circuit designs into one platform with Visual System Simulator (VSS) for system design and TestWave for simulation with test and measurement equipment, providing an accurate understanding of the impact of today’s complex modulated RF signals and “real world” circuit performance. The result is a truly revolutionary design approach that enables interactive tradeoffs between system requirements and circuit implementation.

AWR’s open software architecture and industry-standard application programming interface give customers easy access into the underlying data structures, allowing seamless integration with other best-in-class tools and design environments. This protects customers’ investment in models and simulators, lowers their cost of support, and enables easy customization of specific flow requirements.

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