A software to use, is only as good, as user friendly it gets – and this is not only valid for Asia.
The biggest challenge was, what i heard of so many restaurant- and bar owners, that most of the software is too complicated.
But now, just a few finger tips away from your Touch-Screen, it is easy as it gets.

The program consists of 2 parts:

> The configuration part: This is “Cheffsache”.
here it is were you asign pin numbers for your staff
determine prices and charges
determine “Happy Hour” rates and time frame
any records are saved in printer friendly format (DIN A4)
another feature would be, to transfer any taken record, to a media of your own choice

> The ‘Hands on Part’: This is “Simplified” to
keep track on orders placed, table numbers and seats.
print and distribute vouchers
print receipt

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