HYPrLock protects your HTML eBooks and PDF files through the full distribution cycle of marketing and purchase, product download control, password distribution and activation, access security and refund disabling. Stop PDF hackers. Prevent editing, copying and un-authorized printing and make “brute force” attacks virtually impossible (45,000 years).

HYPrLock is an enhanced security system for the Activ E-Book Compiler. It adds a number of features unavailable to Activ E-Book authors such as:

> Automatic Payment System:
A self contained “Order” system is great for “Try before you buy” software or viral marketing. PDF/eBooks can sell themselves.
> Instant Password Activation:
End-users automatically receive validated passwords without contact or email support from the author. No online login required.
> Ultra PDF Security:
Prevent editing, copying or unauthorized printing. 128 bit industrial strength encryption. Protect your PDF content and documents from PDF hackers and/or PDF password recovery software.
> CD-Rom Distribution Security:
CD distribution does not require additional anti-copy or replication security measures. CD content is locked to end-user’s computer.
> Secure Fulfillment System:
Product is protected through the full distribution cycle from download and distribution to end-user access. No additional security is required.
> Instant Refund Disabling:
Product is permanently disabled before refund is paid. Slam the door on software pirates! (access can be reset by author if later required)
> HYPrHost online storage :
Private Hosting space for the HYPrLock web files is available to select HYPrLock customers who do not have a satisfactory Web Host Server.
> Unlimited Distribution:
Distribute as many PDF/eBooks as you want without paying additional royalties or per unit fees.
> No Online Monitoring:
Customers do not like filling out registration forms or having their access to your eBook constantly monitored or tracked.
> No “reader” Software Required:
PDF/eBooks use Internet Explorer and/or Adobe Reader. No “reader” software needs to be bundled or downloaded by end-user.

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