Flash Particle Studio application was designed to easily and quickly create a stunning flash particle effects. There is no need to know any scripting language. Simply select a particle effect from a library and customize it by adjusting effect parameters such as speed, density, color, transparency, etc.
Here are some key features of “Flash Particle Studio”:
■ Select from tons of particle effect such as fire, electric, water drip, corona, aurora, light, plasma, fairy dust, smoke, etc.
■ Easily shape particle effects to any shape within an image file.
■ Create a unique particle effects by adjusting parameters such as density, speed, life-span, size, etc.
■ Create a looping effect suitable for background/looping animation. A looping animation will play seamlessly in a loop.
■ Export into a flash SWF or FLV file importable into Adobe Flash.
■ Export into an AVI video with or without transparency importable into Adobe Flash or any video editing software such as Adobe Premiere.
■ Export into a series of images with or without transparency (PNG/BMP/JPEG).