Ever deleted music from your iPod by mistake?
Has iTunes deleted music from your iPod you wanted to keep?
iRenew can get that music back for you!

Works with any PC formatted iPod, except the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Start iRenew running, connect your iPod and iRenew will automatically detect your iPod and start searching for deleted music. Once iRenew has found music to restore, you can select which tracks you want to un-delete. You can even listen to a preview of your music before you restore it. A couple of clicks later and iRenew has restored your deleted music to your computer.

Main Features:
– Recovers MP3, M4A, M4V and M4P files.
– Recovers files you have purchased from iTunes store.
– Recovers files from CDs you have ripped yourself.
– Select which files you want to recover.
– Play music files in advance of recovering it.
– Options available on where to save recovered files.
– Options to select to save files in Artist / Album sub folders.
– Option to prefix file names with artist and album name.

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