More than just PC management Empirum PRO allows you to administrate every single PC in your company down to the last byte. All information about configuration, installed soft- and hardware run together at a central point: from here every PC can easily be controlled, changed, migrated or reinstalled. You can literally start a software installation at any place in the world without leaving your desktop. Another way would be to put new applications in the software depot. Consequently everybody you assigned for can start a fully automated installation of the software by mouse click.  
Immediate help when required From now on you can help users with PC or sofware problems instantly. After a crash it takes you just a moment to set a PC back to its original state. Including all personal adaptations a user has carried out at his desktop: applications, bookmarks, browser configuration etc.  
Far beyond desktop management With Empirum PRO you solve a number of different task: preparing software packages, distributing them, automated OS deployment and migration, rolebased user administration, remote access and much more…  



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