Affects the light on the image by a special subtle way so the image will appear more clear and pronounced

> Make your images look better
Digital photography is unforgiving. The scene seldom looks perfect the way it was captured. Any professional photographer will tell you that taking picture is only the very first step. If you watch the professional editing his images you will see that he mostly apply, what would appear to a normal person, many very subtle adjustments.

The difference between fine and ordinary photography is in the very small details how our brain perceive the light captured on the image.

Orbis Luminum
Most people don’t have much time to move dozens of sliders back and forth the whole day in any of the standard editing application. It is not always clear before-hand what will each parameter do to an image. Quickly without any thinking: what will increasing Black Point in Input Levels do? Does it brighten or darken the image?

We tried to make the Orbis Luminum as simple as possible.
– There are no sliders.
– There are no numbers.
– There is only one control, the Orb.
– Works on JPG or RAW images
– Works on single image or batch of images

The Orb controls the mixture between Landscape and Portrait processing and between smooth and texture enhanced output. Underneath is our proprietary algorithm that does the rest.

So what it does?
It affects the light by a special subtle way so the image will appear more clear and pronounced. Sounds pretty vague, right?

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