Flash was originally created to deliver high-impact, low-bandwidth, vector animations on the web, but Flash can also create a stand-alone executable version of any Flash movie (SWF file). These executables are commonly called projectors because they play movies. The original reason for creating projectors was to allow people to send SWF files to someone who did not have the web based Flash player installed on their machine.

People discovered that these “projectors” could be used for everything from building splash screens for CD’s to simple desktop applications. The need for more functional desktop applications led to the creation of simple tools for extending Flash which in turn created a market for more professional third party Flash projector tools like SWF Studio.

SWF Studio is a professional quality replacement for the stand-alone player/projector that comes with Adobe FlashTM but SWF Studio allows you to do a lot more than just wrap your SWF in an executable. SWF Studio allows you to leverage your knowledge of Adobe Flash TM or your favorite Flash authoring tool to create powerful rich media desktop applications and screensavers.