The Motion Lab Systems Report Generator enables anyone to design, display and print data from as many as 120 GCD or C3D files in any single graph or report! The Report Generator is compatible with, and can read, standard report definition files (RPT files). These can be edited interactively with the built in graphical report editor included with Report Generator. ReportGenerator is an ideal graphing tool for anyone using Vicon Clinical Manager (VCM) or Vicon Polygon to generate reports.
Click here to view the specification sheet Reports can be printed on any printer supported by Windows (including USB printers) and can also be written directly to disk as bitmap files for inclusion into any Word document or other Clinical Report.
You can identify graphs with over 1,000 unique line types, print text in any font or color, and set each page or graph to any print orientation. Reports and graphs can be saved as graphics files suitable for any Windows word processor to make report writing a breeze!