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New features in Sandboxie Control:
* Start/Run Access Restrictions prevent programs from running in the sandbox unless specifically permitted.
* Internet Access settings page revised for greater ease of use.
* Program Settings revised and enhanced with additional options.
* Leader Programs mechanism stops all programs running in the sandbox, as soon as some specific program ends.
* Right-click command “Terminate Program” is more powerful now and can terminate any program running in the sandbox.

New and changed functionality in Sandboxie:
* Explorable ZIP Compressed Folders: Windows Explorer running sandboxed can copy ZIP contents to the clipboard.
* Replaceable Windows DLLs: Installation of a sandboxed program can replace system DLLs inside the sandbox.
* All versions of the .NET Framework (up to 3.5, including Silverlight) can be installed sandboxed.
* Read-only/query-only access to the Windows Management and Instrumentation (WMI / WBEM) service, for sandboxed programs that require it.
* Files created in the sandbox are owned by the “Authenticated Users” group.
* Sandboxie Start Menu starts noticably faster.
* Prevent a sandboxed program from stopping other programs using the EndTask API.
* Prevent a sandboxed program from changing system locale settings.

Fixes and enhancements related to Windows Vista:
* On Windows Vista, Internet Explorer did not always show Immediate Recovery notifications, and this has been fixed.
* On Windows Vista, Sandboxie Control does not run as Administrator when launched at the end of the Sandboxie installation.
* On Windows Vista, a sandboxed Internet Explorer need not be “Run As Administrator” in order to install ActiveX components.
* On Windows Vista, Sandboxie Start Menu can show shortcuts installed into the sandbox under the “All Users” profile.

Enhanced compatibility with third-party software:
* Norton Internet Security 2009
* Recent versions of McAfee Site Advisor
* Improved support for KeyScrambler.
* Web browsers: Google Chrome and K-Meleon.


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