3D microscopy imaging and deconvolution
The Huygens Suite is a package that includes most of the programs part of the Huygens Software.

Huygens Professional is an image processing software package, part of the Huygens Software, tailored for Doing Deconvolution of microscopic images. With Huygens Professional you can restore images without being a specialist on image restoration and optical theory.

For instance, intelligent tools make it possible for you to obtain the instrumental Point Spread Function of your microscope from an easily recorded latex bead image. This enables you to make sure that your microscope is indeed functioning optimally and ensures optimal restoration results.

> Automatic estimation of the BackGround.
> Automatic Bleaching Effects correction.
> Automatic deconvolution of Time Series.
> Automatic correction for Spherical Aberration.
> Guides you along Multi Channel deconvolution.
> Simulation of microscopic image formation.
> Experimental distillation and theoretical calculation of Point Spread Functions
> Z-drift correction.
> Handles many File Formats.
> Remote displaying with X11.
> PSF measurement.
> Direct Tcl/Tk command input is possible in a versatile Tcl Shell.
> 4 different deconvolution algorithms to choose from for optimal results.
> Various Image Processing Functions available for restoration and analysis, as commands or to use interactively.
> Powerful Pro Slicer viewer enable you to inspect and compare multi-channel images in 2D, 3D and time.
> Fast Mip projection or volume renderer by Simulated Fluorescence Process can be used to visualize your results.
> Volume visualization with the Sfp Renderer and the Surface Renderer.
> Interactive analysis tools: Object Analyzer Colocalization Analyzer.

Huygens Professional provides you the most convenient tools for restoring your images. It contains tools to restore high-noise fluorescence images, easily derive point spread functions and efficiently restore high quality images.

Fast algorithms and smart memory allocation schemes minimize the computational load and memory requirements to your system. This gives you the opportunity to run restoration tasks also on low cost

Huygens Professional offers many mathematical and arithmetic operations which can be applied in real and Fourier space. Furthermore, Huygens Professional contains a growing number of tools to segment, label and analyze objects in an image or compute ratio images taking the noise properties of the input images into account. Image types range from 2D images of integers to 3D time series of complex numbers and multiple channels. The system is capable of handling a large number of images simultaneously, enabling you to effectively preprocess images prior to visualization.

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