Tinderbox is an impressive collection of 2D visual effects plug-ins, delivering unlimited creative possibilities for artists involved in producing digital images for film and video. Opt for instant gratification with hundreds of presets or add your unique touch with a multitude of adjustable parameters.

Tinderbox 1 is a collection of 18 filters for the After Effects professional. The plug-ins include tools to manipulate mattes with sub-pixel precision, distortion effects, background generators, lights rays and features the fastest software blurs available.

Tinderbox 2 plug-ins include LensBlur for simulating the true defocusing characteristics of a camera. Newsprint to give images a half tone look. Render the brightest 9000 stars visible from Earth with NightSky or simulate viewing images through a layer of distorting Glass. Get a hand painted acrylic look with Paint. Crash zoom with RadialBlur or distort your image with Ripple and Swirl.

Tinderbox 3 is a collection of 18 filters for the After Effects professional. The plug-ins include tools to erode and despot mattes, effects to simulate poor television reception and old film, and sparks, lightning, plasma and starfield generators and much more.

Tinderbox 4 plug-ins include Security for simulating a security camera feed. Reveal the layers in an image by flowing colour through a matte with Flow and give images a hand drawn look with Cartoon and LineDrawing. Achieve limitless zoom with InfiniteZoom. Generate clean and really effective 2D Rain or go for a winter look with Snow. Wrap background light around foreground objects with LightWrap and apply fast elegant glow effects with SoftGlow.