FACTS Vengeance Electro Soundset for Native Instruments Massive:
– 132 High Quality Electro/Minimal/House/Trance sounds; programmed by
– Massive Version minimum required!
– real massive sound!
– this set makes use of all crazy fx and modulations Massive provides
– state of the art electro sounds
– this set tries not to be a CPU hog, like Massive is
– full assignment of all 8 Makro knobs! This gives you extreme control
over all sounds

Massive sounds, like the name says: massive. This synth scores with ultra thick sounds without sounding muddy or imprecise. This soundset provides you with 131 state of the art electro sounds for electro/minimal/house but also for trance or handsup. This soundset is a must have for all Massive users out there. The 8 macro knobs gives you full control over the sound. The soundset has predefined settings for every patch and every knob, so you can quickly change the sounds to your personal taste. Get your hands on it!

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