* Achieve Optimum Performance Hard Drive File Access That Results In A Much More Responsive PC

Your hard drive is the slowest data handling peripheral in your PC. The sluggishness you may experience when you use your PC is most likely due to file fragmentation and a non-optimized state. UltimateDefrag restores the same sprightly performance as a new PC and new hard drive. If you already have a fast system – watch UltimateDefrag further accelerate your performance.

* Strategic File Placement Gives You Complete Control Over Which Files And Programs You Want Increased Performance From

Accelerate the performance of your favorite games, simulations and applications. UltimateDefrag lets you do it. Select individual programs or file types. e.g. Place your .exe and .dll files to the high performing areas of your hard drive and watch your programs launch with amazing speed.

* Place Unused Data (such as ZIP Files and unused Windows files) Out Of The Way

ZIP files and archived data that you never use now have a specific place on your hard drive – the slower unused areas. This makes way for the files you want performance from to achieve that optimum performance. Since these files are placed out of the way this is virtually the same effect as those files not even being on your drive at all. Remember the performance when your drive had hardly any data on it? You now have it back again!

* Place Directories In The Optimum Position For Superior Performance

One of the biggest causes of reduced and sluggish performance is also scattering of directories/folders all over your hard drive in no particular order. It’s as big a cause of reduced performance as fragmentation. UltimateDefrag takes all of your directories and puts them together and in the best position possible for accelerated performance.

* Defrag with as little as 1% FREE space

Windows native defragger and other defraggers require as much as 20% free space to defrag. UltimateDefrag can do it on a full drive with only 1% free space!

* Enjoy fast 2 to 3 minute complete defrags

With all the unused data placed out of the way of the data you use, it more or less stays out of the way of the defrag process. As a result maintenance defrags finish fast. Usually – just a couple of minutes! UltimateDefrag also uses clever defragging algorithms that during certain defrag methods only moves files that it has to or only moves the fragments. Assuming that you have a large 1 Gb file 900 Mb is in one fragment and the other 100 Mb is in 10 fragments – UltimateDefrag only moves the 100 Mb of fragments and appends to the defragmented segment. This vastly shortens defrag runs.

* Choose From 4 Powerful Defrag Methods With Over 33 Defrag Option Combinations

As much power and flexibility as you could ever ask for. Choose folders, file types, days since last use. That doesn’t mean it’s complex or needs to be nursed. It means that it’s powerful and flexible to suit any type of computer use from home system, game system, workstation or server. Just select your parameters and let UltimateDefrag do it’s thing now and in the future.

* Make Full Drives Perform Almost Like They’ve Been Newly Formatted

The net performance effect that UltimateDefrag gives you is the performance of a hard drive that’s been freshly formatted. Faster actually due to the strategic file placement features it adds. Remember than new PC or that freshly formatted drive when your system responded instantly? You’ve got that back again.

* You No Longer Need To Consider Partitioning – UltimateDefrag Is Like Partitioning-On-The-Fly!

The more partitions you create, the slower each drive letter becomes. You don’t need to partition any more. The way UltimateDefrag positions your data is akin to partitioning-on-the-fly! Just one volume for each physical drive is all you