AdventNet ManageEngine DeviceExpert v5.1.1

DeviceExpert enables total managment of the entire network device configuration through a simple central web console. It helps in automatic discovery of SNMP-enabled network devices and builds up an inventory database of all the available devices. Besides auto discovery, manual addition of devices to the inventory is also possible.

IT administrators can take control of configuring the devices from he central console. The web-based administrator console provides the User Interface to perform all the configuration operations. DeviceExpert keeps track of all the operations performed in the network and provides detailed operation audit trails. Through the web console, current configuration from devices can be retrieved and transferred to the DeviceExpert and vice-versa.

Operations can also be scheduled for automatic execution at a future point of time. If something goes wrong in the network, the administrators can view the history of changes, spot the error easily and set things right. Or they can even revert to any of the previous standard configurations. DeviceExpert also provides a snapshot of various device configuration details, changes in configuration, network inventory etc., in the form of graphical reports.

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