Agilent Genesys v2008.07

The Agilent Genesys product line provides self-supporting RF design teams and individuals with affordable, high-performance circuit and system design tools.

Genesys reduces costs for traditional RF & microwave planar design by
> accelerating time-to-market with key productivity advantages, and an innovative array of simulation technology
> saving board turns with features for high-yield design, and integrated tools for physical design and EM simulation
> lowering the requirements for training and support staff
> very attractive pricing for both software and annual support

The Genesys Core environment is an integrated suite of the tools required for high-yield linear microwave design. It includes a full design environment, linear S-parameter simulation and component parts libraries, data post-processing, RF-aware layout, and layout import/export translators.

Genesys is also available in application bundles that provide compelling technical concentrations at breakthrough price points. A more comprehensive bundle, Genesys Integrated, is available.

The Genesys product line is also modular. There are about 20 simulators and synthesis products that can be easily added to any Genesys environment, allowing you to configure the exact capability that meets your needs and budget, or upgrade later, as funding allows.

Finally, Genesys software is now available in six different languages (English, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean and Russian) to help your team work more effectively across geographical regions.

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