AppPerfect DevTest4J Professional v10.0.0.20081017-3167

The AppPerfect DevTest4J is a suite of products designed to help you build and test high-performance applications during the development phase of the product life-cycle. The AppPerfect DevTest4J consists of the following modules:

> AppPerfect Code Analyzer
AppPerfect Code Analyzer performs static analysis of your code and reports coding errors. Inefficient coding can cause heavy performance degradation. Being able to isolate such problems at development time is perhaps the most cost efficient way to fix performance problems. AppPerfect Code Analyzer is the perfect tool to perform automated code review which would otherwise have to be done manually.

> AppPerfect Unit Tester
AppPerfect Unit Tester is a unit test management system. It automates the generation and execution of your unit tests. AppPerfect Unit Tester uses the JUnit testing framework for generation and execution of test cases for Java source files. It uses the HtmlUnit framework for generation and execution of test cases for JSP files. It combines concepts of mock objects with JUnit and HtmlUnit in an easy to use package.

> AppPerfect Java Profiler
AppPerfect Java Profiler helps you understand the resource usage behavior of your application as it performs various functions. Being able to examine functional behavior helps to isolate performance problems early in the development life-cycle. It combines heap/memory analysis, performance/CPU analysis, thread analysis in a single easy to use package.

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