Aptana Studio Pro v1.2.0.018629

The premier IDE for Web 2.0
> Unprecedented ease-of-use for Ajax libraries, JavaScript, DOM and CSS
> Open source, including its PHP, Ruby On Rails, and Aptana Jaxer app engines
> Connect to and work with local and remote SQL databases
> Code assist, debugging, source control, FTP, Aptana Cloud and more!

Aptana Studio is the premier IDE for Today’s Web offering integrated language support for HTML, DOM, JavaScript and CSS, embedded development platforms and databases for PHP, Jaxer, Ruby on Rails, and Python. Plus support for emerging platforms that use Ajax like Adobe AIR and Apple iPhone. Aptana Studio is free, open source software based on the Eclipse tools platform.

> Ajax, HTML, DOM, CSS
Studio’s support for Ajax is state-of-the-art providing savvy JavaScript code completion and debugging, HTML/CSS/JavaScript code assist, and support for all the leading Ajax libraries. Aptana Studio even provides code assist for any JavaScript in your page — including your own!

> PHP, Jaxer, Ruby on Rails, Python
Pick your platform. Studio provides built-in servers, code assist, page previews, debugging and more for PHP, Jaxer, Ruby on Rails, and Python.

> Cloud Integration
Integration with the Cloud connects you to managed development, testing and staging services, plus scalable production environments for Jaxer, PHP, and soon Ruby on Rails and Python.

> Streamlined Development Process
Aptana Studio makes simplifies the development process. The database perspective, variety of source control plug-ins, an integrated FTP client (SFTP and FTPS available in Studio Pro), and single-click browser previews for Firefox, IE and Safari all make life much easier.

> Based on Eclipse
Aptana Studio is based on Eclipse. That means you can plug it into Eclipse itself, or other Eclipse-based IDEs. You can also run a standalone edition of Aptana Studio which bundles in Eclipse 3.2, so that you can then extend Studio with other Aptana plug-ins or other plug-ins for Eclipse.

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