bCAD Furniture Designer Pro v3.92

bCAD® is a complete design package for wide range of users – engineers, architects, designers and students. It includes the specialized tools you need to develop compelling designs using sketches, drawings, illustrations, real-time visualization, fly-by animation, software rendering, 3D models and rapid prototypes.

Efficient, Intuitive User Interface
bCAD is exploits most modern style of user interface. An intuitive user interface speeds work for experienced users and allows beginners to learn 3D graphics within days. Interface features such as hot-keys and toolbars can be customized to meet the your individual preferences. Special UI features, oriented to Tablet PC make your work intuitive and comfortable in the same you use pen and drawing board.

Sketching and drawing Tools
Integrated sketching and precise drawing tools let you use drawing skills throughout the design process. Included is a complete set of familiar tools such as drawing lines, circles, curves, hatches and flood fills, editing tools like copy, move, rotate for sketching and illustrating. These features considerably save time because there’s no need to use another application or sketch on paper. Computer aided sketching and drawing has other advantages over traditional methods such as Undo, Erase and multiple layers.

Powerful modeling tools are capable of rapid and flexible concept and precise modeling. You can create virtually any shape. Fast shape generation is made more powerful with the ability to easily make changes using construction history. Symmetrical models can be created — allowing you to work on one half of a design while viewing the whole model. bCAD provides 2D sketching integrated in 3D environment. This functionality lets you use your sketches throughout the 3D design process. Sketches can be oriented in 3D space as modeling references and to evaluate form.

Real-time Visualization
Realistic real-time display of 3D models with textures, transparency and reflections provides immediate visual feedback when evaluating surface quality and design form and allows immediate evaluation and visualization

Photo-Realistic Rendering
Software rendering engine create realistic still renderings and fly-by animations for presentation. The photorealistic rendering capabilities create images convincing enough to be reproduced directly into print, video or interactive media. Material editor provides complete control over features such as highlights, reflections and true color.

Data Exchange and Rapid prototyping
Support for industry standard data formats so that data can be shared with other software packages using neutral file formats such as DXF, DWG, 3DS and more. STL file export lets you output models in STL format for the creation of prototypes on a Stereo Lithography machine.

Applications development
bCAD API provides integration of engineering and information technology which increases productivity (individual and workgroup), profitability and Java assures universal connectivity. API allows you to develop plug-in tools, which increase bCAD functionality in problem-oriented tasks

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