Beginning Adobe AIR

Beginning Adobe AIR – Building Applications for the Adobe Integrated Runtime
Wrox | Rich Tretola | ISBN:9780470229040 ISBN-10:0470229047 | Apr2008 | PDF | 354 pages | 12.6MB

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is revolutionizing the way desktop applications are deployed. If you’re ready to take advantage of this platform to build desktop-based Rich Internet Applications, then this is the book for you. It presents a step-by-step process, walking you through the features of AIR so you can quickly get started.

After introducing you to AIR, Adobe expert Rich Tretola discusses the different programming languages and tools you can use for development. He then presents multiple methods for storing data, including within the file system and embedded database as well as storage on remote servers. You’ll also learn about the numerous features that allow AIR applications to interact with both Mac OS X and Windows.

This guide offers a perfect mix of tutorials and hands-on coding, and provides the resources you need to build AIR applications quickly. And it provides the resources that will help you build your first killer Rich Desktop Application.

What you will learn from this book
All about the programming languages available for AIR development
How to work with the various tools for building AIR applications
Steps for getting data into AIR applications from XML, ColdFusion, JSON, and Web Services
Ways to take advantage of the HTML and File System components
Strategies for utilizing AIR APIs that handle interactions with the operating system
How to move a Flex application to the desktop

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