BinaryMark Batch Image Watermarker v3.5 Retail

> Supports Textual Watermarks
With this tool you can easily add up to 2 textual watermarks to your images simultaneously. You can customize textual watermarks in a variety of ways: you can change font face, style, size, and color; you can precisely position watermarks; you can control transparency level and blending mode; and much more!

> Supports Image Watermarks Including 32-Bit Alpha Channel Images
With this tool you can easily add up to 2 image watermarks (in addition to up to 2 textual watermarks) to your images simultaneously. With image watermarks you can precisely set their size, draw mode – such as normal or tiled, opacity, blending mode, and much more!

In addition, please note that the tool fully supports 32-bit alpha-channel images! This, together with 20+ blending modes allows you to create truly stunning, beautifully merged watermarks!

> More than 20 Blending Modes
Unlike other watermarking programs, where you can control just opacity (transparency) level of a watermark, Batch Image Watermarker lets you also specify how the watermark (be it textual or image-based) should be merged (blended with) the main image! You can choose from more than 20 built-in blending modes: Normal (regular alpha-compositing), Overwrite, Darken, Multiply, Color Burn, Lighten, Screen, Overlay, Color Dodge, Soft Light, Hard Light, Pin Light, Difference, Exclusion, Hue, Saturation, Color, Luminosity, And, Or, Xor, Erase, Not Erase, and Merge Paint.

> Control Font and Other Settings
You can easily set the font type, style, size, and color in a textual watermark. You can also select smoothing method, such as Anti-Alias or Dithering. In addition you can control text shadows with a variety of options (like shadow color and size).

> Set Image Size and Drawing Mode
In an image watermark you can set the image size (either relative to the image you are watermarking – using percentages, or in pixels). In addition you can select drawing mode that specifies whether you want to tile an image, stretch an image, or leave it as is.

> Set Watermark Position Precisely
You can precisely control where you want your watermark to appear on the image. You can set the position for both text and image watermarks by simply choosing one of nine possible alignments: top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, or bottom-right. On top of that you can further customize the position by offsetting it vertically and/or horizontally using either pixels or percentages that specify the amount by which watermark needs to be shifted in either direction.

> Save images as jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif, or wmf formats
Program supports reading and writing above image formats. In addition it offers various options for saving images: you can control jpeg compression level, gif dithering and palette, png bit depth, tif compression algorithm, etc.

> Watermark images directly from Windows!
Simply select a binch of images that you want to watermark in “My Pictures” folder (or any other folder), right-click the selection, and choose “Watermark with Batch Image Watermarker” command from the menu! The program will be automatically launched containing the images you selected. You can then customize how you want to watermark selected images.

> Rename image files easily
You can easily set new names for the processed images by using original files’ names, numbers, and other arbitrary characters.

> Preview results inside the program
All the settings that you apply, such as the look of watermarks, their positions and sizes, etc. are immediately reflected in the preview window, thus giving you instant feedback and saving you time!

> Multi-core CPU support for faster processing
Program can process images even faster if your computer has multi-core CPU, or has several CPUs installed.

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