Colasoft MAC Scanner Professional v2.2.315

How many computers are there in my network? What is the correlation between MAC addresses and IP addresses? Who is using which computer? If you are still looking for the answers to these questions, Colasoft MAC Scanner is absolutely the answer finder you need.

By sending ARP queries to the specified subnet and listens to the ARP responses, Colasoft MAC Scanner can list IP addresses and MAC addresses with their correlation in seconds.There are two different versions of MAC Scanner: MAC Scanner 1.1, a free version for general scan purpose; MAC Scanner Pro, an advanced version which support editing scan results and database maintenance. The function comparison of the two different versions is shown as below:

> Scan IP and MAC addresses
> Edit scan results
> Database maintenance
> Automatic compare scan results with database records
> Export scan results as Colasoft Capsa Name Table file
> Print and print preview
> Add to Name Table

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