Color Solutions basICColor Display v4.1.9

> Ergonomics
The new User Interface is clean and easy to use. Predefined calibration and profiling settings allow for one-click-operation without restricting the user in his abilities to use individual settings. The professional user may select the parameters he wants and save them as additional settings. The wizard-like UI assists in doing so.

> Functionality
basICColor display 4 holds an abundance of features unknown in any other monitor calibration software until now.
Besides the usual gamma settings, basICColor display allows using different gamma values. For video editing or working with Office applications, you can calibrate your monitor to the gradation of sRGB and thus use the same characteristics your data possesses. Of course you can use the meanwhile legendary L* calibration or even DICOM calibration for medical use.
You can set any monitor white point, you can measure the white point of other monitors. This allows you to calibrate multiple monitors to the same standards.
In addition you can set the black luminance or alternatively the contrast ratio in order to optimally adapt your monitor to the viewing conditions of your viewing booth.
The brand new ambient light measurement allows for compliance with viewing standards like ISO-3664 and 12646.

> Quality
basICColor display 4 has a brand-new profiling engine built in. That´s how we achieved what seemed nearly impossible: even higher quality.
And the new profile validation with color gamut visualization proves and documents the superior quality of the profiles built with basICColor 4.

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