CZ Print Job Tracker Premium Edition v4.0.0.50

CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 print management software has simplified and automated print administration for print server and non-print server environment i.e. direct IP printing atmosphere. The software provides centralized control of print manager that helps to administer printer monitor and counter. This software is printer brand independent, can be used with any / all brands of printer. Since, the print management software has centralized print control, all printers located in an enterprise and print jobs are controlled easily from one server station and it has also made easy to send email alert. Out print management software solution suits all enterprise, academic, professional services and consulting solutions.

Starting from print request generated at each workstation the process steps are well authenticated, securing all your print information to final elimination of wasted papers. Companies can use this software to keep count of print jobs, to monitor the printers, also to allow the end-user to attach client billing code to the print job so that they can bill the client later. Finally billing report is generated and sent in your desired language (the reports can be created in any language), this report can also be seen from your web browser. Printer accounting software helps to track – jobs in queue, deleted print jobs and actually printed jobs. Waiting jobs are streamlined and moved to other printer that is free and automated notification mail is sent to job owner. CZ Print Job Tracker 4.0 can be used with workstations supporting different OS (Windows/Unix/Linux/Mac) to bill the print jobs by entering client codes / project codes or to enter user name and PIN number before actual printing of the document. This software helps to reduce printing cost and print control easily by having quota and account balance checkpoints, if account balance is low or quota goes to zero, print job automatically stops. The software helps to increase over all efficiency of the print network, improves throughput of printers in the network, well authenticated print jobs, synchronizing and integrating various printers in the network, cost curtailment and quality enhancement remains the bottom line of this print management software.

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