Database Tour Pro v5.8.4.1271

It is a convenient and powerful database program, which includes different db utilities and tools like SQL tool, reporting tool, data converting, exporting, importing utilities and much more.

The program works with data through the Borland Database Engine (BDE) or Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). This allows using the program as a cross-database tool. So, to use Database Tour you need to install BDE 5.0 or above or ADO 2.1 or above.

ADO is included in Windows 2000 and above. For other Windows systems, you may download and install MDAC from Microsoft web site. You can check the presence of BDE and ADO on your machine and their versions after installing Database Tour in About… section.

Database Tour developed mainly for professionals. But unexperienced users sometimes can use it also (e.g., for report printing, table editing and so on).

Main program purposes: accessing databases; convenience in viewing and editing data; automation of the most often used database operations; printing data in the most convenient view.
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Key features
– Creating tables for different types of databases.
– Viewing data in databases.
– Editing data.
– Several ways to print data.
– Built-in report engine, which allows to produce the reports automatically or by using a visual report designer with templates, expressions, preview etc.
– Expression builder for report expressions.
– Building and executing SQL queries.
– Support for execution of multi statement SQL scripts.
– Syntax highlighting in SQL editor.
– Support for parameterized SQL queries.
– Enhanced database grids, which allow to view and manipulate the data in the most convenient way, including sorting by clicking column header, changing row heights, resizing columns etc.
– Creating, deleting, modifying BDE aliases.
– Command line support for executing queries, opening tables, export-import operations, loading reports etc. with logging the performed operations.
– Searching and replacing text in database with ability to choose fields, record range etc.
– Import data to table from another table or a query.
– Export data from open table or query of any format to text, HTML, XLS, XML, RTF, CSV and to databases of other formats (which supported by database engine installed).
– Copying data to clipboard.
– Calculating numeric fields (sum, avg, min, max, count).
– Viewing and editing Blob data, such as MEMO, graphic, RTF.
– Tools for editing text fields (trimming, changing case of symbols).
– Sorting (logical and physical) data.
– Filtering data according to specified criteria.
– Viewing table and database structure with ability to print, copy, sort it.
– Reindexing tables.
– Customized data view (font, background).
– Conditional formatting data in database grids and reports.
– Ability to control transactions manually.
– Storing database and SQL history.

Supported database types
Database Tour works with databases via ADO or BDE and was tested on the following database types:

– dBase / FoxPro (*.dbf). Access via BDE or ADO (using ODBC or ISAM drivers).
– Paradox (*.db). Access via BDE or ADO (using ODBC or ISAM drivers).
– Text (*.txt). Access via BDE (text tables with schema files *.sch) or ADO (using ODBC or ISAM drivers).
– Comma separated values (*.csv). Access via ADO (using text ODBC driver) or BDE (for export purposes only).
– Lotus (*.wk1, *.wj2). Access via ADO (using ISAM driver).
– HTML (*.htm, *.html). Access via ADO (using ISAM driver).
– XML (*.xml). Access via BDE (for export purposes only) or ADO (for import / export operations only).
– Interbase (*.gdb). Access via BDE (using direct file link for local databases or BDE aliases for remote databases) or ADO (using ODBC driver with direct file link for local databases or ODBC DSN for remote databases).
– Microsoft Access (*.mdb, *.accdb). Access via ADO (using ODBC driver or Jet/ACE engine) or BDE (using DSN-based BDE alias or native driver (only Access 95-97)).
– Microsoft Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx). Access via BDE (using DSN-based BDE alias) or ADO (using ODBC driver or Jet/ACE engine).
– Microsoft Visual FoxPro (*.dbc). Access via BDE (using DSN-based BDE alias) or ADO (using ODBC drivers).
– Oracle. Access via BDE (using BDE alias) or ADO (using ODBC DSN).
– SQL Server. Access via BDE (using BDE alias) or ADO (using ODBC DSN).
– PostgreSQL. Access via BDE (using DSN-based BDE alias) or ADO (using ODBC DSN).
– MySQL. Access via BDE (using DSN-based BDE alias) or ADO (using ODBC DSN).

Theoretically, Database Tour can work with some other formats (depending on database engine (ADO or BDE) installed).

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