Email-Business Postman Professional v8.8

Whether you want to send ten or millions of emails, HTML or text, with or without attachments, our Postman manages this for you. You can also define a time scale or limit the sending of the emails.

Of course you want that all your customers receive the message and no email will be removed by a spam filter falsely. This is also not a problem for this software.

> Multithreading. Several email can be sent at the sime time.
> Unlimited size of lists. Sending of several million emails is possible.
> Direct dispatch or dispatch using a mail server.
> Sends HTML- or text messages.
> It is possible to define time scales for the dispatch.
> Limited output of emails possible.
> Graphical progress announcement.
> Attachements are possible.
> Project based. You can stop the product anytime you want and contine at a later time. Several projects can be accomplished at the same time.
> Easy to use.
> Very fast. Depends of your band with (upload).
> Dynamic emails are possible, so that your emails will not be removed by a spam filter.
> Paramtereizing of links is possible.
> Help is available.

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