Mercury Open Inventor v7.1 for Java 1.5

Open Inventor�7 by Mercury is an object-oriented, cross-platform 3D graphics toolkit for the development of industrial-strength interactive 3D graphics applications using C++, .NET or Java.

Open Inventor�7 by Mercury provides the power and functionality of OpenGL at an object-oriented level. Its easy-to-use API, its extensible architecture, and its large set of advanced components provide developers with a high-level platform for rapid prototyping and development of 3D graphics applications.

Open Inventor�Java™ from Mercury is the most comprehensive Java developer suite for creating interactive 2D and 3D applications. Built on top of Open Inventor by Mercury, Open Inventor Java allows you to use very powerful features across supported platforms with Java applications and applets.
Open Inventor Java includes all of the powerful features of Open Inventor for C++. The optional Open Inventor Java extensions, MeshViz Java, HardCopy Java, and VolumeViz Java provide the same feature set as the respective C++ extensions: MeshViz, HardCopy, and VolumeViz.

Open Inventor Java provides you extensive, high level class packages for interactive graphics ranging from flexible charting to high-end and high-performance visualization for scientific, engineering, simulation or business applications.

Developers appreciate the ease of use of Java, which is implemented as a high-level object-oriented language, considered easier to learn, use, and maintain than C or C++. Java comes with a rich framework of standardized classes, including components to build user interfaces. Open Inventor Java has been designed to deliver full performance and to take full advantage of the Java programming environment as well as to facilitate C++ migration to Java.

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