mikroElektronika mikroBasic for PIC v7.0.0.2

A beginner? Worry not. Learn to program PIC easily, with many practical examples we have provided for you. Also, you can download a free comprehensive manual from our site.

> Advanced Code Assistant
Hit CTRL + SPACE to get the list of all available variables, constants, and routines which you can insert at cursor position.
> Parameter Assistant for Routines
Don’t memorize all the procedure parameters, just follow the parameters request. Hit CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE to activate the Parameter Assistant. As simple as that.
> Debugger with many advanced options
Easily monitor variables and registers while simulating your program.
> Detailed Statistics
Execution time, routine start address, nesting, memory charts, and other invaluable information.
> Built-in Routines
This tiny code sample reads ADC channel 2 and displays the result in second line of LCD, with 1 sec delay afterwards!
> Code Explorer
Code Explorer easily finds any variable or procedure within the code.

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