Roadbook Assistant v1.0.3 Multilingual

Roadbook Assistant is a computer program to Road Books to design and print. You can attach new lines, insert or remove existing. The total mileage will be based on the registered section distances automatically calculated and displayed. In addition to a multitude of existing symbols and street pattern, you can also integrate their own icons or in the future of this site is downloaded. Usual tours Street as roundabouts, road and turning with a mouse click in the field sketches copied. Street lines are available in different colors and strengths.

Graphics, photographs or maps may Roadbookzeilen as a background image to be assigned, although of course its own symbols, or Markierugnen road trains still can be placed. The creativity are no limits.

All objects (roads, arrows, images, characters) in the sketches can be moved freely field line objects even infinitely in all directions rotated. A library with the most common signs of public transport is also integrated.

The program runs under Microsoft Windows operating system. The expression is both black and white and in color choice and flexibility in size.

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