Rosetta IT Solutions Business Planner Pro v8.02

The Rosetta Business Planner software has been developed as an affordable solution to help small and medium sized businesses of all kinds in the following tasks:

> Preparing a Business Plan
> Preparing a Financial Plan
> Analyzing the feasibility of your plan
> Evaluating the risks to your business
> Preparing a Budget and a Work-plan for the following year
> Analyzing different scenarios and alternative business decisions
> Presenting the plan to employees, investors and bankers

All the requisite business terminology is included so that you know what’s what and the formulae for financial calculations and consistency have been pre-programmed so that they are not error-prone like home-grown spreadsheets – but you can also add your own formulae if you want to personalize the system to reflect particular aspects of your business.

Rosetta Business Planner is designed for all kinds of users:
> Running a business
– Managers
– Entrepreneurs
– Business people
> Helping a business
– Consultants
– Accountants
– Auditors
> Evaluating a business
– Analysts
– Investors
– Bankers
> Business studies
– Lecturers
– Students

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