Sapientech InTrek Ultra v3.0.0.0

Using barcode technology, InTrek gives businesses a simple and inexpensive way to manage and track the quantity, location and history of products/assets.

With InTrek Lite you can:
• Customize inventory templates to define what inventory information goes into the system
• Track an inventory’s current location
• Get a history of where a product has been assigned previously
• Search for inventory information using a bar code scanner
• Use a bar code scanner to input inventory information into the system
• View all inventory associated with a particular location.
• Check for duplicates before information is entered into the system.

InTrek Premium is the next generation of asset management and tracking. Containing all the features of InTrek Lite, Premium allows you to add notes (service records, repair notes, etc.) and documentation (purchase orders, manuals, etc.) to a particular inventory. In addition to all the feature in InTrek Lite, InTrek Premium offers the ability to:

• Store, View and Edits notes associated with an inventory
• Store, View and Delete documents associated with an inventory
• Apply version control to the inventory documentation

InTrek Ultra is the ultimate in asset management and tracking. Containing all the features of both InTrek Lite and InTrek Premium, Ultra allows you to adds notes (service records, repair records, etc.) and documentation for both inventory and locations. In addition, Ultra allows you to define up to 20 additional data fields for capturing custom information. With InTrek Ultra you can expect all the feature of Lite and Premium, plus:

• Add up to an additional 20 customized data fields to further define both inventory and location

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