SpectralWorks AnalyzerPro v2.2.0.1

AnalyzerPro is a vendor independent data processing application for MS data. We utilize proprietary algorithms to detect components which may be obscured that existing software is unable to determine without additional information.

Some of the key features of AnalyzerPro are shown below:
> Accurate Mass Capable – handles high precision data as well as integer mass
> Any Chromatographic MS data – any data that has some aspect of time resolution
> Intuitive User Interface – builds on web browser familiarity
> Qualitative Analysis – because you can expect the unexpected
> Quantitative Processing – using external or internal standards
> Combined Quan and Qual Reports – more extensive sample information in less time
> Custom Reports – readily generation to be application specific
> Automatic Spectral Enhancement – no user intervention or prior knowledge required
> Seamless Integration with NIST – and any NIST format library
> Targeted and non-Targeted Analysis – flexible and comprehensive
> Vendor Independent – one system for all including legacy instruments

Many other features and benefits come as standard. Some are more specialist than others and by downloading a trial coy or requesting a demonstration we can show you have AnalyzerPro can assist with your particular application.

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