SYTVision BulkRemoteAdmin v1.4.21

This application offers a rich variety of tasks that an administrator can perform on remote computers

BulkRemoteAdmin is a remote administration tool, that enables you to manage an unlimited number of computers inside a local network simultaneously.

Using BulkRemoteAdmin, you can integrate, install and patch software on several computers, configure system modules such as registry, services, system variables, and much more.
All that the system administrator needs to do is to define a Rule that consists of several Tasks, add any number of computers to the Computer List, and run the Rule on the defined list of computers just by clicking one button.
All Tasks in the Rule will be executed on all computers concurrently, working with bulks of computers in parallel (40, for example). After the first 40 computers, the process will be executed on other 40, and so on.
No client agents, help services or other software are installed on the computers over the network. The whole administration is performed using only one application and from a single station.
With this utility you can save administration time as well as human resources that are needed for performing numerous tasks.

Here are some key features of “BulkRemoteAdmin”:
> Directory Operations:
· Copy directories to remote machines
· Create/Delete directories
· Rename directories
· Change directory attributes
> File Operations:
· Copy files to remote machines
· Delete files
· Rename files
· Change files attributes
> Process Operations
· Create process on remote machines
· Terminate process on remote machines
> Registry Operations
· Create/Delete registry keys on remote machines
· Set/Delete values of key on remote machines
> Environment Operations
· Create/Delete environment variables on remote machines
· Append/Trim value to/from environment variables on remote machines
> Even Log Operations
· Clear event log on remote machines
· Backup event log on remove machines (allows also to copy these backups to the administrator computer).
> Service Operations
· Create/Delete service on remote machines
· Start/Stop/Pause/Resume service on remote machines
· Change service attributes
> System Operation
· Reboot all the remote machines

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