Turbosoft TurboEditor v1.20.156

TurboEditor is powerful general-purpose editor program for Windows. It supports 12 predefined language/script types with extensibility. Features enhanced HTML support and offers many exciting features like Automatic Font Resizing, macro, project of files, and much more.

> Color Syntax Highlighting
Language-specific keywords, comments, and strings are colored differently to set them apart from plain text. Bold, italics, and underline are supported per keyword set.

> Fully Customizable Keyboard Mappings
Keystrokes can be added and removed to emulate popular keyboard mappings like Brief and Epsilon.

> File searching
Perform regular expression searching and replacing using Perl-like regular expressions.

> RTF Clipboard support
Text copied or dragged from the edit buffer can be pasted into other applications with all formatting information intact.

> Support for Custom Languages
The installation comes with several popular language definitions; however custom languages may also be defined. Regular expressions and scoping rules can be used to accurately define a language. Languages may be defined by application code or XML data.

> Support different file coding formats
Save and load files in a single step. Unicode, UTF-8, and ANSI formats are supported.

> Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks embedded in code are highlighted differently and can be navigated by the user.

> Automatic Brace Match Highlighting:
Matching braces and scope keywords are highlighted as users type.

> Incremental Search
Users can search for text while the document window automatically selects the best match after each character is typed.

> Automatic Font Resizing
Users can change the font size simply by holding the control key down and spinning the mousewheel (Ctrl +MouseWheel).

> Column Selection and Manipulation
Select text as a column rather than a paragraph. Empty columns (columns with a width of zero characters) can be selected, causing subsequent typing and deletion to occur over multiple lines at the same time.

> Keystroke Macros
Users can record a series of keystrokes and assign a keystroke to play back the keystrokes repeatedly.

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