Xedant Human Emulator v2.8.12

Perhaps one of the most frequently used programs on segodnishny day in the world is a Web-Brazuer. And Most of the tasks that we keep using it like a one and tezhe. Xedant Human Emulator (XHE) is a program that will perform for you all the routine work on the Internet and will save you time. Why again and again to register their sites on search engines or directories, pick something important to you information or post office in the forums or fill out time and again the registration form, you simply will have to write a script for PHP (or VC + +) and Xedant Human Emulator will do everything himself. And using rapisanie scripts XHE will do so continuously in a strictly defined time and you have to set your frequency.

Xedant Human Emulator (XHE) – a system for emulation of human actions on the Internet using automatic control Internet Explorer’om from PHP. Similarly, it is possible to control XHE and VC + +.

This program allows you to undertake the following tasks:

> sabmit information on the web – for example: the registration of various directories and sites, adding posts on the forum, etc.
> a site (check validity);
> collecting data from other sites;
> emulation traffic to the site;
> automate tasks for surfing in Ineta;
> check updates of content sites;
> Testing sites;
> avtologin, avtoposting in several forums;
> automatic creation of accounts with ipolzovaniem proxy;
> cheat counters, avtokliking;
> Transfer site / blog from one engine to another;
> Integration of offline and online applications;
> Working with AJAX or private areas of sites;
> full emulation of Rights, until the mouse movements and keystrokes;

and any other tasks associated with automatic surfing and sabmitom on vebu.

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