XEQUTE Powerprint v3.22.1

Why do I need printing software for my digital photos?

> Speed
Power Print allows you to batch print all of the images in a folder, camera or selection at once. Wizards allow you to quickly and easily perform common printing tasks, such as creating posters, album-sized prints, greeting cards and thumbnail sheets.
> Control
With Power Print your print-out is displayed on-screen exactly it will appear on paper. You have complete control over the size and layout of your images. Moving and resizing your images couldn’t be easier, just click and drag. Or right click and choose from predefined layouts and sizes. You can also add comments and filenames to them.

– WYSIWYG printing allows you to lay out your print on-screen exactly as it will come out on paper
– Easily add text and filenames to your printed images
– Batch printing allows you to print all images in a folder, camera, etc with a specific layout or size
– One click creation of thumbnail indexes (contact sheets) from your digital camera
– Wizards allow you to quickly and easily perform common printing tasks
– Thumbnail browsing, so you can find your images quickly
– Create multi-sheet posters (up to 20 sheets high by 20 sheets wide)
– Create Greeting cards with a simple-to-use Wizard
– Save print documents and custom layouts for later use
– Supports Twain and USB compliant digital cameras and scanners

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