Atrise HTMLock v2.1.0

HTMLock allows you to create password protected HTML
pages and hide HTML source of your pages. With this
tool you can encrypt HTML pages and place them on
your web site, CD, DVD, or hard drive. You can
password protect HTML and text files.

* The world-first HTML protection software (since 2000);
* Protection templates;
* Simple and fast XOR-encryption;
* Cookies-based repeated authentification;
* Easy user interface for beginning users;
* Antispam protection of your email links.

The program is based on JavaScript technology, so it
works virtually anywhere. The user-friendly wizard
helps you to encrypt HTML and text files in just a
few clicks. As the result you get a single HTML file
that contains both encrypted text and JavaScript to
enable the text to be displayed after the right
password is entered. You can place the logon form on
any web page and call the locked page as easily as a
CGI script.




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