With support for the new Canon Digital Rebel/300D/Kiss Digital

BreezeBrowser is a powerful browser for viewing and manipulating digital images.

Large Preview Display as you step through your images in main view with histogram display to assess exposure.

EXIF display shows the camera settings when the picture was taken.

Add and edit comments or detailed IPTC data on each photo.

Rotate images with no loss of quality (including JPEG images).

Image date and time editor to adjust the date and time for single images or batches of images. Great for when you go on vacation and forget to adjust your camera’s clock for a new time zone! (Works with TIFFs, JPEGs and raw files from Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Minolta cameras).

Create Web Pages using the built-in, template-based, HTML generator creates high quality web pages or indexes for your CD-R archives.

Extract EXIF and IPTC data automatically from each image and place them in your HTML pages as required

Attractive templates are included with BreezeBrowser including “drop shadow” which produced the images shown here. Additional free templates for BreezeBrowser are available for download. See examples here. Also included are templates to create pages for a simple online ordering system using PayPal’s shopping cart.


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