AptEdit is a 32-bit, full-featured text, hexadecimal, drive, and web editor for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. It offers many powerful features to view and edit just about any text or binary file, and it’s an excellent source editor for Web page authors, developers, and programmers.
AptEdit can be installed on FLASH or other portable drives. All user configurations are saved in the portable drive. You can carry AptEdit with you wherever your travels or business take you and run it on almost any computer.
Key features include full Unicode support, terminal Full-Screen Window (new), color schemes (new), text/binary files comparison and merging, spell checker, Auto-Completion, Binary(HEX) template, edit logical (physical) drives, hash (Checksum) calculator, binary format edit, seamless Web browser, function list, text file conversion between Fixed Width and Character Delimited (CSV), convert text to html (WYSIWYG), default encoding, favorite files, and so on.




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