Fox Killer v3

ok, by popular demand, full trial reset tool for SlySoft’s AnyDVD, handy if you prefer not to use cracks.

As far as is known, it will work on all versions of windows, it has been tested on WinXP and Vista.
It will remove all references to the trial period, registration keys etc. It will require administration privileges as it requires access to windows services, and the registry.
Should you not have this and still wish to try it, it might work but will probably require a reboot if it works at all.
Normally you will not need to reboot your pc during the reset process.

This is v3, despite what the image above says! updates will follow in this thread as required

Note: This should work for 90% of the versions of AnyDVD out there, however there was a period where slysoft were using a locked temporary file in the windows folder which changed name on each pc, it does not support these versions, however as these versions are now pretty old i saw no point in building that functionality into it

v3 changes:
Changed one of the utility tools that was causing false positives on some of Anti-Virus software (mainly Avast!)
No other changes, it seems to be working ok



Pass = killer

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