StationRipper will allow you to “record” various internet radio stations. It will allow you to get a list of available Shoutcast stations and start recording them, creating a single MP3 file for each song the station plays.

It will also:

Allow you to record up to 300 streams at one time.
Buy the music and albums you are ripping.
“Memory Recording” – It will keep track of all the songs you download, copying the final song file to your music library. If that song gets re- recorded in the future, it will skip it (so, if you end up deleting it, it won’t record, bloating your collection with music you don’t want).
Get a list of Stations to record quickly and easily, via Shoutcast.
Track the music and stations you’ve ripped.
Listen to any station being recorded with a single mouse click
Schedule when you want to allow and disallow recordings, so your bandwidth will only be hit with ripping on off hours.
Re-launch ripping of up to 100 of the last Stations you’ve recorded with a single mouse click.



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