ER/Studio is a model-driven application for the logical and physical analysis, design, creation and maintenance database applications. Its powerful, multi-level design environment simplifies and integrates the needs of various stakeholders engaged in enterprise data management. Users benefiting from ER/Studio’s unique capabilities are…

Data Architects: for its powerful logical modeling abilities including data element standardization and reuse. DBAs: for its robust round-trip lifecycle support for a variety of RDBMSs including automated code generation, reverse-engineering, and database alteration. Application Developers: for its parser-enabled impact analysis capabilities and bi-directional collaboration with Embarcadero Describe, a UML-based application development environment.
Business and IT Management: for ER/Studio’s powerful Web-enabled
documentation facilities to educate more of the enterprise about data issues, enforcement of standards and integration with key Embarcadero solutions such as Describe and DT/Studio.
ER/Studio is designed to make it easier to understand the current state of data throughout the enterprise. Simple and easy to use, it helps organizations make more informed decisions on how to resolve data bottlenecks, eliminate redundancy and ultimately achieve higher quality applications which deliver data more efficiently and accurately to the enterprise.



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