Use Print Distributor to distribute, archive, route and control your printed output. Aimed at small to medium sized organisations Print Distributor will enhance your printing environment.

# Print to file with a flexible naming system which allows you to include date, user and document information in the path.
# Virtual printers created by Print Distributor look exactly like a normal printer to your user’s making the whole system very reliable and support free.
# Load balancing improves the reliability of your printing by distributing prints across a group of printers.
# Scripting support lets you write your own rules for controlling the routing and processing of documents using simple snippets of VBScript code.
# An easy to use manager application means you don’t need a technical background to install and configure Print Distributor.
# Integration with Acrobat Distiller for easy and quick PDF creation
# Print to email to deliver your documents where they are required.



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