JAMMER Professional is the consummate workstation for song writers and composers. Just picture yourself in a 256-track studio surrounded by talented studio musicians, ready to write parts, record tracks, and help you come up with new ideas.

Ask the bass player to play a smooth walking blues line with a little bit of funk blended in. Ask the drummer to play a funk beat with ghost strokes and a syncopated snare. Ask the piano player to play some simple chords with triplet 8th arpeggios blended in. You tell the studio musicians what you want, and then listen as JAMMER’s musicians crank out thousands of beautiful original parts for you to choose from.

JAMMER’s studio musicians are the best in the business. And they’re ready to jam with you 24 hours a day giving you an endless supply of solid drums, smooth bass lines, beautiful rhythms, and even melodies and harmonies if you need them.

JAMMER Professional stands in a class by itself with unsurpassed compositional quality, flexibility, and user control. If you are serious about composing and recording original music or creating high quality professional remakes of popular tunes, then you owe it to yourself to get a copy of JAMMER Professional.



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