Do you type the same phrases over and over again? Often mistype? Smart Type Assistant is here to help! It’s an easy-to-use, time-saving utility for all Windows operating systems.

Initially, Smart Type Assistant’s basic purpose was to add some useful Microsoft?Word?/STRONG> features to every application you use. Now it has evolved into a complex typing automation tool, intended to make your work faster and safer.

Smart Type Assistant offers you Smart Diary ?a useful feature for automatically saving what you type. It will help you to recall what you wrote some time ago, and to restore important documents after Windows crashes. It automatically stores everything you type in the strongly encrypted file, which can be protected with a password. It can help you to organize your archives.

Other features are Clipboard Spellcheck, Autoreplace (expanding short keywords into full phrases), Autocorrect (common typing errors, two initial capitals, and accidental usage of the Caps Lock key), various operations with the selected text, pasting large text pieces with a hotkey, Clipboard History and much more.




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