HDD Observer v3.0

HDD Observer is not only a high technologic product – it is one of the most intelligent soft for hard drives monitoring.
And this is because it has some unique technologies implemented by us especially for this program.
One of them is SmartBehavior – a unique behavior technology implemented in monitoring tools.
For example, if HDD temperature is near its critical value then HDD Observer begins to check it more frequently to exactly
detect the time when the temperature will reach it’s critical value. Evident – if critical value is reached, then HDD Observer
will check HDDs with a lower frequency to release any system resources.
Another interesting feature is ‘System Fragmentation Monitoring’:
HDD Observer begins fragmentation check only when computer is idle, and all system resources are free.
In this case HDD Observer will check for fragmentation until will finish or the user will need any system resources.
After check it informs the user about fragmentation level and can even defragment HD using its build-in defragmentation tools.

These and many other features make HDD Observer the most advanced HDD troubles monitoring and repairing program.



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