HyperSnap v6.40.01

We listened to our users and added many new and powerful features to version 5. Below is a quick summary of what’s new or improved in this version. Although it’s not a full-blown paint program, we’re providing many tools included in much more expensive painting programs. All in all, you can get a lot of work done with HyperSnap-DX.

Easy-to-use tabbed interface with a powerful window management tool (accessed from the Window menu). Control many open windows, close batches of windows, and minimize or otherwise arrange multiple windows with just two quick clicks.

Area or image framing with a complete “3D” framing tool.

Full-featured stamp feature with text, date, time, filename, and other “live data” fields that can be stored and used again and again, with up to 40 stamps in each stamp folder.

Shadow feature tool that can be applied to the outside of images or to selected regions, with control over shadow density and size.

Powerful substitute color functions let you replace colors within individual images, or from every capture you make in a series. No more “cleanup” of stray pixels of that certain “annoying” color from data screens.

A user-definable Tools menu, which allows you to add programs or even data file links to be added to HyperSnap-DX’s menu.

Fully configurable in nearly every respect, the user can control how almost everything works in the program. This includes menus, hotkeys, toolbar buttons, and more. Make HyperSnap-DX work like you want it to.

Freehand area capture function let you define complex capture regions by drawing around the portion of the screen you wish to grab. You can define completely irregular shapes by drawing them directly on the Windows desktop, across open applications, and anywhere your mouse cursor can reach.

Improved performance and flexibility, with up-to-the-minute features like detachable menus, toolbars, and palettes.

Multiple configurations and powerful command line tools directed at the power user and graphics professional, yet the program is so easy to use anybody can master the basics in a single sitting.



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