For all you avid DVD collector’s out there, MyDVDs has been created to easily navigate through your collection using a simple, intuitive tool designed just for you. Having amassed a large number of DVD’s myself, I couldn’t be bothered remembering what movies I owned, which pesky friends borrowed what, or simply wanting to do an easy search by genre based on the mood I was in. If you have ever come across any of these common problems My DVDs should be the answer for you.

MyDVDs will allow you to manage your collection with a couple clicks of the mouse. Instead of telling your guest to strain his/her neck fumbling through rows of movies, simply open up MyDVDs and they will have access to view your entire collection.

An easy way to efficiently catalog all of your DVDs, MyDVDs will help you organize even the messiest, most disorganized library of movies. It stores such vital information as year of release, rating, a short synopsis, major actors in the film, special features and Best Picture awards that your movies have won over the years! You can also add your own notes such as why you bought the movie or perhaps who bought you the movie and for what occasion. — MyDVDs does it all.

MyDVDs is simple to update and intuitive to use it will even download information from the web including box cover images for most of your DVDs as well. You can search your personal database in a number of ways including by title, actor, director, genre, purchase date, owner, Best Picture, dvds currently being borrowed and more. With MyDVDs you can be sure not to buy duplicates, freely send lists to potential gift buyers and get back that movie that so and so said he was borrowing while you were passed out on the couch.




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