Rohos.Logon.Key.(English Only)_2.5_Patch_Under_SEH_Team

It converts any USB drive into a security token for your computer and allows to access Windows in a secure way by USB token, replacing the Windows login.

Your Computer security benefits:
> Replaces weak password based login with a hardware USB key (USB flash drive or memory card)
> Uses big password, without the need for remembering it
> Login with a USB Key is fully automatic and fast!
> The system is password protected but you don’t need to enter it manually each time you log in or unlock Windows
> Secure 2-factor login: Your USB Key + PIN code password
> Use a single USB Key to sing-in into your Home, laptop and office computer
> Access restriction to computer based on USB Key/time factor
> Windows is protected even in Safe Mode
> Assigning a password to your user account allows to set a better protection for hibernated computer.



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