To cover all the network Administrator necessities, concerning managing space limits and monitoring their keeping, WinQuota LLC designed disk quota management mechanism WinQuota. It allows specifying rich set of rules to manage drive space without any additional re-partitioning or logical volume management as well.

Designed especially for network administration, WinQuota provides quota management for directories and files separately for any kind of users, groups, remote hosts and trusted domains.

There is a possibility to set quota limitations for any specified directories and files, including subdirectories, inner mount points, system and sparse files. Disk quota settings can not be exhausted by any kind of operation, including file moving, renaming, copying and other.

WinQuota is 100% automatic and gives a great relief to Administrator. User cannot overdrive its hard limits, but in the case of attempting to use more space than quota set, administrator intervention is not required to unlock/solve quota overflow.



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